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Facials & Peels

Refresh & Renew

Relieve stress and feel good while treating your skin to a deep cleanse. Remove layers of old skin and toxins exposing your beautiful younger skin beneath the surface. Start with an assessment of your skin and let Jaclyn mix up a cocktail of aromatic cleansers and moisturizers specific to you using only the best products available (Rhonda Allison).

note:All facial treatments are 45-60 minutes.


12 flower facial | Details $80
clear complexion | Details $80
blue agave mens facial $80
sonic youth teen facial $65
illumination facial $100
beautiful back $80


Moisture eye-zyme $15
energizing hands & cuticle $15

Corrective & Preventive Peels

Hibiscus Flower peel$90
vitamin A peptide peel$90